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 15.2hh 12y.o. Lusitano Gelding
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 Ad Posted: 08 April 2017
 Ad Expires:  07 July 2017
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Posted by: ourgilly
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Horse Name:  Athos
Breed:  Iberian
Sex:  Gelding
Colour:  Grey
Age:  12
Price:  1001 - 2000
Actual Price:  2000
County:  Cheshire
Region:  Not Selected

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I have owned Athos from being a foal so have all of his history and know all the storied behind his quirks. He is a purebred Lusitano, standing approx 15.2hh. He has very many qualities but can also be sharp and therefore is not suitable for a novice.

The Good:

When settled, Athos is excellent to school, and has a very clever mind and enjoys his schooling work, he learns lateral work very easily, although he is weak in his canter. He will pop small poles, although we have never done much of this. Generally his behaviour in everyday life improves when he is ridden more but he can be not ridden for a few weeks and then just got on and picked up where you left off.
Athos is good for the farrier, vet, and is easy to clip, he is easy to tack up, mount etc, he does not buck, bolt or rear when ridden. I usually sedate him for his teeth for ease.
He will hack nicely with one other horse, but more than this and he can get excited and will be very nappy alone, although I have never pushed this.
He is nice to be around he does not bite, kick or rear - but will weave in the stable if stressed or waiting for food/to go out
He is a good doer and needs monitoring in the summer and in the winter is literally fed on a net of haylage and a scoop of happy hoof!

The quirks:

He has seperation anxiety and will not stable/field alone, generally he is managed so that he is first out of the stable and last in. He will box walk/weave if extremely stressed.
He can be sharp, at the current yard he is terrified of Alpacas and will grow a hand, prance and spin round if they upset him or generally spooked. He may also get like this if he has been out in a lot of wind/rain!
When spooked if ridden he will tend to side step, quickly and may spin, he may also back up. He does not bolt/rear/buck.
He will load into a trailer with pursuasion and practice but had a bad experience in a small box and has not been tried in one since.
He does not currently hack alone and will only usually be taken out with one other horse otherwise he gets giddy, jogging and prancing on the spot.
He can be cantered in open spaces but he is best going first, otherwise he will canter on the spot and go sideways. He has never done farm/beach rides or hunting.

He has had some orthopaedic issues. At 5 was diagnosed with fetlock arthritis, this has been fully treated, he also had suspensory ligament surgery approx 4 years ago and has remained sound. He is on no medications/bute/supplements and his happily managed with turnout on flat grazing and exercise. He has good strong feet and is only shod in front.

He is heartbreakingly for sale due to lack of time to put into him, he would need a real understanding and sensitive rider to maximise his potential. There is no mallice in this horse, he just gets spooked and loses his marbles a bit. When he is in a happy environment he is a dope on a rope but the current yard is very stressful for him and I do not realisitically have the time to put into him due to young family, working, studying and starting a business. Potential homes will be thoroughly vetted.

Would come with some rugs. Kent & Masters dressage saddle and Sabre Cordoba bridle with Myler bit available seperately.

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